The project was ispired by an advertising campaign from the 1980s of a renowned bitter “Amaro Ramazzotti”, which described a busy and full of energy city and coined the slogan “Milano da bere”. 
In this project that image of Milan is revisited and updated.
The, often hectic, movements of the City are captured in brief instants of daily life, in which some concrete moments of happiness could be found.
In a sunny day you can see in one of the recently transformed and still evolving neighborhoods of Milan, the happiness of those who spend light-hearted moments in a city park.
It’s just as easy to see the smiles on young people who, as following an ancient ritual, get together at the end of a working day, finally free from their formal wear.
In Milan, which often seems to be painted only with the dark colors of men’s suits, you can see, also today, the always chainging and positive "Milano da bere", which is able to excite the awake observer.
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